settle my personal injury claimInsurance companies understand your natural aversion to lawyers and lawsuits.  They will always advise you not to involve a lawyer.  Expect to hear comments like, “If you get a lawyer, he’ll take all the money” or “Don’t worry, we’ll treat you fairly.” So, despite a lack of knowledge and experience in these matters, some people avoid hiring a lawyer.  This means they can’t possibly receive the full value of their case.

Experience Matters

I know what you’re thinking:  “But Bill, I researched this on the Internet” or “I talked to my brother-in-law who settled his case.”  Well, even if you’re a genius and very well-educated, you have little or no experience in these matters. 

How important is that?  Think about your own job—how long you’ve done it, what experience has taught you,  and why the new employee cannot possibly outperform you.  Why?  Because experience trumps intelligence and education every time.  This is also why your kids/grandkids beat you soundly at their video games. 

How a Lawyer Helps You Protect Your Right to Compensation

Additionally, you pose absolutely no threat to the insurance company you’re trying to negotiate with.  So, when the insurance adjuster tells you, “That’s all the company will pay” —you’re all done.  (Think of the bully who says “So, what are you going to do about it?”)  Without a lawyer who can do something about it, you’re finished. 

You see, the ability to sue the insurance company is the tool that you don’t, and can’t, possess.  So, you’re prevented from negotiating with your adversary on a level playing field.  You will always be at a huge disadvantage. You'll never receive the full and fair value of compensation you deserve until you take steps to correct this imbalance of power.

At Steffens Law Offices, we promise that we will never make more money than you do, even after your medical expenses are paid from the settlement.  We put that promise in writing, so you can stop worrying about the insurance company’s warning that you’ll get nothing if you hire a lawyer.  The truth is that you’ll only receive the full value of your case if you hire a lawyer. That's a fact the insurance company would like to hide!

A good example of this fact can be found in a case we recently settled.  Our client injured his lower back in an auto collision.  He attempted to negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company.  They refused to pay him more than $13,000 beyond his medical expenses.  After hiring us, we went to work advising the client and building a robust, well-documented settlement demand package.  The case recently settled, without ever filing a lawsuit, and the client walked away with approximately $45,000 after paying all of his medical expenses and our law firm. This was almost three and a half times his best insurance offer!

Why get hurt twice—once by the other driver and then by that driver’s insurance company?  Call us for a free, no strings attached case review.

William V. Steffens
Nebraska Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Attorney With 34+ Years Of Experience
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