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Let Your Wishes Be Done

What would happen if you were on Life Support, unable to make medical decisions for yourself? If you have an HCPOA, your wishes will be done. If you don't, the medical staff will keep you "alive" as long as possible... Read More
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5 Biggest Mistakes in Estate Planning

Like most people, you probably have the best intentions for distribution of your property after death. Unfortunately, without proper planning, your best intentions may not be enough. Here are the 5 most common mistakes people make: Failing to plan.… Read More
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Annual Estate Plan Review…

Annual Estate Plan Review Checklist

Life changes quickly and your estate plan should change with it.  Review the following items to make sure your plan will work when you need it. Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Decisions.  Have you designated the correct Primary Agent and A… Read More
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Are You Organized?

Maybe you have signed a Will or a Trust to create an estate plan. Perhaps you also have a property and/or health care powers of attorney. Good for you! But, will your Personal Representative or Trustee be able to find these and other important… Read More
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