Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning Philosophy

Our philosophy, when it comes to estate planning, is “keep the process simple, understandable, and complete”.  While many lawyers strive to make estate planning sound extremely complicated by expounding in legalese – we do just the opposite.  We remove all legalese, and communicate in “plain language”.  In addition, we explain estate planning by using examples that you can easily relate to. 


Our Estate Planning Program

Our office has a comprehensive estate planning program, from beginning to end, for families and individuals.  Our clients receive the following benefits:

Estate Planning Education in “Plain Language”.

  • We explain the following estate planning tools (what they are, how they work, and their pros and cons):
  1. Wills
  2. Trusts
  3. Personal Property Lists
  4. Powers of Attorney (both Durable and Healthcare)
  5. The Probate Process
  6. Beneficiary Designations (surprise! - they trump probate and trust transfers)
  • We provide educational materials.
  1. An estate planning outline covering basic fundamentals
  2. Regular blog posts concerning a broad number of estate planning topics
  3. Newsletters every other month which include an article on an estate planning topic
  • We present free seminars.
  1. We have been presenting estate planning seminars locally for over ten years.  They are typically presented twice a year in Broken Bow.  Usually in January, and again in the spring.  Call our office for upcoming dates, and, if you like, reserve a seat.
  2. These seminars are absolutely free, with no strings attached.

Estate Planning Organization with our "Notebook".

  • Our "notebook" provides clients a simple method of storing and organizing important estate information.  It contains sections such as:  your “Life Insurance Summary”, your “Reference Lists”, “Memorial Instructions”, “Personal Instruments Disposing of Personal Property”, and your “Inventory”.
  • These notebooks ebooks have proved, over the years, to be invaluable for the decedent’s family – eliminating long hunts for important documents, and simplifying the estate process.

Up Front Pricing Removes Guess Work About Costs. 

Nobody likes a surprise when they get their bill.  We provide clients with a complete list of our prices before they decide how they want to proceed.  Our “price list” is available on demand – simply call or email our office for this information.


Getting Started

Our Will/Trust Information Sheet.

  • By reviewing, and filling out this four (4) page “easy to read” document, you will have made all the necessary major decisions for the preparation of your Will or Trust, and your Powers of Attorney.  Click here to download a copy of this all important document.