Personal Asset Planning for Retirement

Happy senior man and woman couple walking and holding hands on aMany Boomers are busy these days planning for retirement. Mostly, this involves calculating and manipulating various types of financial assets. In the process, don’t overlook your most valuable personal asset right now, and in retirement – You. A huge retirement account will matter little if you’re not mentally and physically able to enjoy it.

I have had the pleasure of working with many senior citizens over the years (although few would ever refer to themselves that way), and I have noticed some common attributes shared by those who are truly enjoying their golden years. Here is my top 10 list:

  1. Healthy Diet. They don’t follow fad diets nor do they eat large quantities at one time. Generous portions of fruits and vegetables, but little red meat, fill their plates.
  2. Remain Active. They wear comfortable walking shoes, and use them often. More importantly, they seem to be energized by exercise and enjoy it.
  3. Managed Weight. They maintain a slender figure. They have learned that a slim body moves easier, is better balanced, and lasts longer.
  4. Healthy Sleep Patterns. Good sleeping habits enable them to get to bed at about the same time every night, sleep deeply for at least 8 hours, and wake refreshed.
  5. Engaged Socially. They have a large, and active, social network including family, friends, and organizations (fraternal, religious, and charitable).
  6. Exercise Mentally. They keep their brain sharp by reading, and challenging themselves intellectually with work, puzzles, memorization, musical instruments, or “smart” games.
  7. Limit Stress. They have found a way to shut off excessive worry about things they have little or no control over with exercise, yoga, meditation, or just by learning to change gears and focus on something positive.
  8. Wake Up With a Purpose. They have found meaningful work or projects to engage and challenge themselves (usually something that involves helping others), and they look forward to it each day.
  9. Regular Medical Check-ups. They see their physician at least annually, follow their advice, and perform regular blood screens.
  10. Laugh A Lot. They take time for the fun things in life, and are quick to find the lighter side of living.

This list may not add to your pocket book, but it could keep you healthy longer and add richness to your senior years. After all, practicing a healthy lifestyle is like pouring sand into the top of your personal hourglass.

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