I’ve Been Sued! What Do I Do? Here are 3 Things You Can Do Right Away

May 28, 2021 | By Steffens Law Office
I’ve Been Sued! What Do I Do? Here are 3 Things You Can Do Right Away

3 things to do if you're being sued in NebraskaGetting a knock on your door from the Sheriff or finding a letter in your mailbox to discover you’ve been sued is a frightening and stressful experience.  We do have some good news for you.  There are steps you can take to stop a collection agency from getting a judgment and garnishing your paycheck.  But don’t delay—you must act quickly! 

3 Things to Do Right Away if You've Been Sued in Nebraska

You Have 30 Days to Respond

Once you receive a lawsuit summons, a 30 day clock starts ticking.   If you don’t respond in time the creditor will get a default judgment against you.  Filing a response, called an “Answer”, prevents the creditor from getting a judgment.  Unfortunately, this won’t stop the lawsuit forever. The debt collector will move forward and eventually you’ll be forced to defend yourself in court, at a trial, in front of a judge.

Talk to a Lawyer

Defending a lawsuit is tricky.  There aren’t many defenses to a medical or credit card debt.  While filing an Answer denying the creditor’s claims will delay a judgment and make the collection agency prove its case, court rules are technical.  The collection lawyer will use every trick available to get a judgment.  In most cases, the collection agency will win. 

Instead of going it alone, call us for a free consultation to explore your options.  You may decide to hire us to defend you, and negotiate a settlement with the collection agency.  The best result may be where you agree to pay in full over 6 to 12 months, or a “lump sum” settlement for 50-75% of the amount owed.   Call us for our “Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement” report for more information. 

How Bankruptcy in Nebraska Can Protect You

If you’ve been sued, and choose us to file bankruptcy, we’ll protect you from the collection lawsuit at no extra charge.  Don’t worry if you can’t afford to pay the full fee right away.  After you make a small down payment, we’ll represent you in court and deal with the collection lawyer’s bag of tricks.  We’ll give you the time needed to file the bankruptcy, and help you sleep at night while we do it. 

When the bankruptcy is filed, the lawsuit will stop immediately.  No more hearings or garnishments.  The debt is erased, forever.  If you’re facing multiple debts totaling $10,000, or the majority of your annual income, it may be your best choice. 

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