Injury and Bankruptcy Free Offers

It can be hard to know where to turn for reliable information when you are facing a legal crisis. Whether you are considering filing for bankruptcy or have been seriously injured in a vehicle or workplace accident, you can get the answers you need by requesting a free download of our helpful resources.

Personal Injury

Free Report: How to Protect Your Injury Settlement from Creditors & the Bankruptcy Court

The Steffens Law Office wants to help you exempt and protect your settlement monies from creditor garnishment, and from the Bankruptcy Court.

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Crash Course! 7 Strategies for a Successful Nebraska Motor Vehicle Injury Claim

In our free download Steffens explains the 7 most common problems injury victims confront & how to overcome these obstacles to reach full & fair compensation.

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Free Report: Reverse Mortgages & Bankruptcy

Learn more about reveres mortgages and bankruptcy to keep yourself and your loved ones protected.

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Achieve Financial Freedom by Using Your Advance Child Tax Credit

Why should your pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness be controlled by debt collectors and garnishments? Take advantage of your Advance Child Tax Credit.

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Free Report: Stopping Wage Garnishments By Filing Bankruptcy - What Needs To Happen & How You Can Help

The lawyers & staff at the Steffens Law Office are committed to getting your bankruptcy filed as soon as possible and stopping your wage garnishment.

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Free Report: How to Protect Yourself & Your Money From a Bank Garnishment

If you have recently received the dreadful news that a creditor is trying to garnish your bank account, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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Estate Planning

Free Report: Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes

Here are the 5 most common mistakes people make with estate planning.

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Free Report: Annual Estate Plan Review Checklist

Life changes quickly and your estate plan should change with it. Review the following items to make sure your plan will work when you need it.

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