Appearing in Court for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

August 1, 2019 | By Steffens Law Office
Appearing in Court for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you've never been to court before, the prospect of a court appearance for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case may make you nervous. However, this is a routine appearance that typically proceeds with no complications.

The Meeting of Creditors

The first court appearance in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for a hearing called the meeting of creditors, which is usually held about a month after the case is filed.  The person filing the case must bring photo identification, his or her Social Security card, and all of his or her bank and investment account statements to this hearing. 

At this hearing, the person is put under oath and questioned about his or her debts, assets, income and expenses by the hearing officer or trustee. 

In most Chapter 7 consumer cases, no creditors appear in court. However, any creditor that does appear is usually allowed to question the person. 

Additional Court Appearances

For most persons, the meeting of creditors will be the only court appearance. However, if the bankruptcy court decides not to grant the person a discharge or if the person wishes to reaffirm a debt, there may be another hearing about three months later which the person will have to attend.

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