Omaha Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains How to Recover Money Garnished by Collection Agencies

November 12, 2019 | By Steffens Law Office
Omaha Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains How to Recover Money Garnished by Collection Agencies

recover money garnished by collection agenciesDid you know that upon filing bankruptcy in Nebraska, clients can recover money garnished by collection agencies in the prior ninety days?  Don't go at it alone, the best way to achieve this is to hire our Omaha Bankruptcy lawyer to help jump-start your fresh start.

Garnished Wages Causing Major Problems?

Has a Nebraska collection agency garnished your wages recently, forcing you to miss your mortgage payment, utility bills, or even worse, buy groceries?  Or has a Nebraska collection agency cleaned out your bank account, causing you to bounce checks, resulting in a tarnished reputation in your hometown?  Have these garnishments pushed you to filing bankruptcy

If the answer to those questions is “yes”, upon your filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able torecover money garnished by collection agencies and put it back into your pocket.

How Our Bankruptcy Law Firm Can Help You Recover Money Garnished by Collection Agencies

Our bankruptcy law firm in Omaha has had great success in obtaining a reimbursement of garnished funds from collection agencies for our clients.  In bankruptcy, similarly-situated creditors are all to be treated the same by the person filing bankruptcy.  If one creditor has received payments, pursuant to a wage or bank garnishment, or both, in the ninety days prior to filing the bankruptcy, and those payments total $600 or more, the collection agency can be forced to give back those monies.  As long as the person filing bankruptcy has sufficient Nebraska bankruptcy exemptions to shield, or protect, those garnishment monies, the lawyers in the Steffens Law Office can, and will, recover those funds from the collection agency and put the money back in the client’s wallet.

Contact Our Omaha Bankruptcy Lawyer Today!

If you are considering filing bankruptcy and have been the victim of a garnishment action, please contact us for more information.  While not all Nebraska bankruptcy law firms provide this service, our Omaha bankruptcy lawyer will be happy to vigorously pursue and recover those garnished funds for you.