Car Accident Fatality: What to Do When a Friend or Family Member is Responsible

April 16, 2021 | By Steffens Law Office
Car Accident Fatality: What to Do When a Friend or Family Member is Responsible

car accident fatality NebraskaEvery car accident fatality involves two tragedies – the accident victim and the negligent driver.  The family of the victim suffers grief for their loss, but the negligent driver must live with the remorse of their mistake.  This dual tragedy is, of course, much worse when the negligent driver is a friend or family member.  The deep emotional remorse of the driver is compounded by the separation they feel from family or close friends.

Who Do You File a Claim Against When a Friend or Family Member is Responsible for a Car Accident Fatality?

Healing in this situation takes time, understanding, compassion, and sometimes professional help, in the form of a personal injury lawyer. So, how can the family of the victim bring a claim against this friend or family member without appearing greedy or cold and unfeeling?  Well, they can’t, and they shouldn’t!

Instead, the family should bring a claim against THE INSURANCE COMPANY, where it belongs!

We are all required, by law, to carry liability insurance on licensed, operating vehicles.  Why?  Because we can all make mistakes, and when we do, insurance is there to cover the damages. And in these situations, money damages, are all that civil law can provide.

How an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

With the help of an experienced and skilled injury attorney, the family of the deceased car accident fatality victim can collect auto insurance money without the necessity of a courtroom battle.

There is NO reason for the family impacted by the death of a family member to pass up on money damages for fear of bringing further harm to family relationships.  Instead, this can be done with sensitivity toward the driver who simply made a mistake. The negligent person doesn’t have to be confronted in person or in the courtroom.  That can all be avoided.  The battle is SOLELY between your legal representative and the auto insurance company. 

This type of claim should not be attempted without using an experienced personal injury lawyer in Nebraska.  For further information, call Steffens Law Office at (308) 872-8327.