Credit Associates Has Its Own “Secret”

March 2, 2020 | By Steffens Law Office
Credit Associates Has Its Own “Secret”

You’ve seen their TV ad many times. It’s played over and over. You know, the one with the good looking, clean cut guy who says, “Credit Card companies have a “secret!” He pitches that Credit Associates can settle your debts without the need for bankruptcy while you make low, convenient payments.

Truth be known, Credit Associates has its own “secret.” Their claim to settle debts comes with great risk, because Credit Associates cannot protect you from harassing phone calls, law suits, or wage garnishments

Credit Associates expects you to stop paying your credit card bills and put that money into an account with credit associates. They do not immediately begin to negotiate a settlement with your creditors. Instead, they wait for a few months to negotiate with the credit card companies. During this process, you continue to make payments, but there is no guarantee of protection from the credit card companies and law suits. Once a law suit is filed against you, Credit Associates cannot help you. They do not have lawyers on staff to defend you.

If you are sued, you will either need an attorney or you risk the court filing a judgment against you. Hiring an attorney would cost additional funds (beyond what you pay Credit Associates). Without a lawyer, you will likely not have a chance to file an “Answer” to stop the court from ruling in favor of the credit card companies, which could result in wage or bank garnishments.

Credit Associates, like other debt consolidation companies, relies on credit card companies understanding your situation, and waiting to be paid. But, like most businesses, they are anxious to receive payment. Using Credit Associates to resolve your debt will only risk more lawsuits and garnishments that will set you back financially.

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