Can I Discharge Debt From A Criminal Offense or Traffic Violation by Filing for Bankruptcy in Nebraska?

October 19, 2022 | By Steffens Law Office
Can I Discharge Debt From A Criminal Offense or Traffic Violation by Filing for Bankruptcy in Nebraska?

man wondering if he can discharge debt after a criminal or traffic offenseUnfortunately, no. Debt from a criminal or traffic offense is still your responsibility even after filing for bankruptcy. We understand that can be deeply worrying if you’re struggling to pay for bills, groceries, gas, and other living expenses. While bankruptcy does discharge most types of debts, legal fines aren’t among them. 

3 Common Questions We Get About Discharging Debt After a Criminal Offense or Traffic Violation

1) My debt is just from a speeding ticket. Is that dischargeable?

Even a speeding ticket isn’t dischargeable under a bankruptcy. Any fines or penalties from the government, including speeding or parking tickets, are ineligible for discharge.

2) I was sued for a car accident where I got a DUI. Can that go away with a bankruptcy?

No. If you were sued for causing an accident while being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that debt is not dischargeable.

3) I was charged with a crime, and I am paying a lot to clear the fine. Is that dischargeable?

No. The court disapproves of anyone being relieved of a debt caused by a crime. It can’t be discharged.

The line is strict: Criminal fees and fines can’t be discharged, no matter which way you slice it. We understand how concerning that is. If you’re struggling to pay bills while you’re shoveling over most of your paycheck to fines and fees, you’re likely desperate for a way out.

Fortunately, bankruptcy does discharge most other debt.

While fines can’t be discharged, letting go of other debts could help you enormously. Do you have credit card debt, personal loans, or medical debt that’s been haunting you? A bankruptcy could help you drop those chains so you can walk into greater financial freedom.

Our Nebraska Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help You Understand Your Options

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