I’m Married, and I’m Bankrupt. Should I File with My Spouse?

February 11, 2022 | By Steffens Law Office
I’m Married, and I’m Bankrupt. Should I File with My Spouse?

Usually, if you’re bankrupt, filing with your spouse can be a good idea, even if only one of you is affected by the debt. We understand that you may be feeling uneasy about including your spouse in a bankruptcy claim. However, filing bankruptcy in Nebraska with your spouse may ultimately be helpful to them (and you) in the long run.

2 Reasons Why Filing With Your Spouse is a Good Idea

1) Medical debt is the responsibility of both spouses.

  • If you’ve had a series of unfortunate circumstances and have racked up medical debt while you’re married, your spouse is also responsible for that debt.
  • If you file bankruptcy without your spouse, that debt won’t be eliminated! You will still be responsible for paying it.

2) Filing together will save you money.

  • We can’t speak for other law offices, but Steffens Law doesn’t charge more for two people filing together if they’re married (unless you’re separated and not on speaking terms).
  • If either spouse has debt, both spouses will receive a clean slate after filing jointly.

file with spouse bankruptcy nebraskaWhen Married, Debt is Shared With Your Spouse (for the Most Part)

The only exception is if all your debt is solely in your name—and your medical debt is entirely from before you were married. If that’s the case, then filing for bankruptcy in Nebraska by yourself will be the better option, especially if your spouse has no debt at all.

If that’s not the case, however, and you’ve built debt after being married, then filing with your spouse is the ONLY way to truly get a fresh start. This way, neither person is responsible for any debt from the other one, and both parties can be free of liability.

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