How To Make A Collection Agency Pay For Your Bankruptcy in Nebraska

January 11, 2021 | By Steffens Law Accident Injury Lawyers
How To Make A Collection Agency Pay For Your Bankruptcy in Nebraska

It sounds crazy doesn’t it? Why would a debt collector pay you to file bankruptcy on them? Trust us, they don’t want to. But Nebraska bankruptcy law can give you the right to make them refund some of what they took from you. Read on to find out more.

Nebraska Bankruptcy Law Requires Debt Collectors to Refund What They Garnished in the 90 Days Before a Person Files 

If a single Nebraska Collection Agency has garnished more that $600 from your wages and/or bank accounts in the last 90 days, you may be entitled to a refund. That money doesn’t have to be taken all at once, but the total amount taken during the 90 day period is what counts. Unfortunately, we can’t get back any money that was taken over 90 days before the bankruptcy is filed. You could even lose the right to the refund if the garnishment stops and causes you to flunk the $600 test. So Don’t Wait!! File now and get your money back!

Filing Bankruptcy is Required to Receive a Refund

Filing bankruptcy triggers the ability for the bankruptcy filer to protect their property, and is required to qualify for the garnishment refund. Our Nebraska bankruptcy law firm will have to make sure that a few legal tests are passed, but it’s rarely a problem. Some extra work is required, and we may even have to drag the debt collector into bankruptcy court for the refund. But the payoff can be huge!

What Can I Do With My Refund? How Can I Use It to Pay for My Bankruptcy?

Once you have received your garnishment refund, how you spend it is up to you. You can put that money back in your pocket, or you can use that money to help pay for your bankruptcy. The legal fees can be paid after your case is filed, from the garnishment refund. The choice is yours.

While not all Nebraska bankruptcy attorneys provide this service, we will be happy to do the extra work and recover what the collection agency garnished, with no added upfront costs. Steffens Law Office has had great success forcing creditors to refund money to our clients. We can, and will, put that money back in your wallet!

Hiring an Experienced Nebraska Bankruptcy Law Firm

If you are considering filing bankruptcy in Nebraska and have been struggling with wage or bank garnishments, please do not hesitate to contact Steffens Law Office at 308-872-8327 or by filing out the contact form on our website. We have over 50 years combined experience in the field of debtor/creditor law, and we can help get your money back!