How Will COVID-19 Impact My Bankruptcy?

April 8, 2020 | By Steffens Law Office
How Will COVID-19 Impact My Bankruptcy?

Am I still protected from creditors in my bankruptcy?

Yes. Neither COVID-19 nor the current economic crisis change federal laws that protect our clients from creditors. Your creditors are not permitted to demand payment from you. Any Steffens Law Office client receiving collection calls after hiring our office should tell the debt collector to call us at 308-872-8327.

Will my bankruptcy still be completed on time, or does the Coronavirus put it on an indefinite hold?

Your Chapter 7 bankruptcy will still proceed as usual, on the same timeline. Hearings will still be held, although some hearings that were scheduled for March 2020 were continued to April. Almost all Chapter 7 cases filed in 2020 will be completed 100 days after the day they were filed.

How Will COVID-19 Impact My Bankruptcy?How is the bankruptcy process changing?

The bankruptcy hearing process has changed due to COVID-19 and social distancing. In Nebraska, hearings will now be held by phone conference. You will be sent a phone number and conference code prior to your hearing. On the day of the hearing, you will simply call in for the hearing. You will be asked the same questions as if the hearing was held in person. 2 weeks before your hearing, you’ll need to send Steffens Law Office a copy of your Photo ID and social security card.

I filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. How will the CARES Act (Coronavirus Stimulus Bill) impact my current bankruptcy?

While the Stimulus Bill does not directly impact Chapter 7 bankruptcies, the CARES Act provided additional assistance for Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers. If your Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan was confirmed before March 27, 2020 and you suffered wage loss because of COVID-19, we can modify your payment plan. We can give you more time, up to 7 years, to finish your plan.

How has Coronavirus impacted Steffens Law Office?

Presently, little has changed for us as nearly all of our staff have the ability to work from home (and many have done so for a long time). Our phone lines are open, and documents can be sent to us by email, fax, and mail. Very little of the work we do requires our clients to appear in person in one of our offices. We remain dedicated to delivering excellent client service. And, in these unsettling times, you can trust that we will be here for you.

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