Creating a Personal Property List for Your Estate Plan

August 1, 2019 | By Steffens Law Office
Creating a Personal Property List for Your Estate Plan

Consider preparing a personal property list to ensure that you leave certain property to certain people. Nebraska law provides for such a list if referenced in your will and all Steffens Law Office wills and trusts include this reference.

Such a document is typically used to distribute family heirlooms. This includes jewelry, chinaware, silverware, antiques, guns, collectibles, etc. This may serve to eliminate family squabbles, although you should discuss distribution with the recipient first.

This is a much better approach than the old method of marking items with name tapes. The tapes can fall off, or be prematurely removed, which will surely create a squabble. The list method only requires your signature with a date and can be prepared long after your other estate planning papers. Just be sure the original, or a copy, ends up in your estate planning file.

Your list does not have to be limited to family members. You could leave property to anyone you wish. The choice is yours—for now. After your death, without a written list, such items may be sold or thrown away because your personal representative did not recognize their significance.

Like most written documents, this property list may start slowly, but should soon flow easily. It should leave you smiling knowing that your prized possessions are going to people who will appreciate them.

If you would like a personal property list form, simply request one by contacting Steffens Law Office.