How is “Lost Financial Support” Calculated in a Wrongful Death Claim in Nebraska?

January 28, 2022 | By Steffens Law Office
How is “Lost Financial Support” Calculated in a Wrongful Death Claim in Nebraska?

If you’ve lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, you’ve already lost so much more than money, and our sympathies and prayers are with you. You don’t need any more stress and confusion to add to your grief. But, it may be helpful to understand how lost financial support may be recovered in a wrongful death claim in Nebraska.

4 Ways the Court Determines Monetary Value for Lost Financial Support

So how does the court calculate the money the claimant (the person filing the suit) is entitled to? It’s a little complicated, so let us translate the legal jargon for you.  Here’s how the court determines the monetary value of lost financial support:

  1. Life expectancy
    1. The court determines this based on data collected on average. The number is calculated using either the decedent’s (the person who passed away) life expectancy or the claimant’s—whoever’s is shorter.
  2. Life expectancy will be determined by something called a “mortality table
    1. A mortality table shows a person’s probability of death based on their age.
    2. The settlement will be based on the decedent’s probable remaining years.
  3. The calculation will vary from claimant to claimant, based on the situation
    1. Did the decedent support a non-working spouse? Ifo so, the amount they provided will be multiplied by the claimant’s or decedent’s remaining years.
    2. Did the decedent support any children? If so, this amount provided will be multiplied by the child’s or children’s remaining years until the age of majority (legal age of adulthood, which is usually 19 in Nebraska). 
  4. Some things a person is expected to receive won’t be considered relevant in the case
    1. Inheritance expected
    2. Life insurance amount that will be received
    3. Worker’s compensation benefits

Contact Steffens Law for Help With Your Wrongful Death Claim in Nebraska

There are many things lost after your loved one’s wrongful death, and a wrongful death claim won’t be able to return everything, especially the comfort and love you received from that person. However, pursuing a wrongful death claim may still help you and your family work through the damages for lost financial support as you begin to pick up the pieces and recover.

If you have any questions about bringing a wrongful death claim, please call the Steffens Law Office at (308) 872-8327. Our compassionate and experienced wrongful death attorneys will guide you toward taking the best steps to recover the compensation you deserve for this tragedy you’ve been made to suffer.