My Creditor Said I Can’t File Bankruptcy in Nebraska. Is This True?

November 23, 2021 | By Steffens Law Office
My Creditor Said I Can’t File Bankruptcy in Nebraska. Is This True?

It’s okay—don’t panic! The answer is no—generally, it’s not true at all. There are a few exceptions, but most people will be able to file bankruptcy in Nebraska and get themselves back into a better place in life.

Remember, your creditor has every reason to mislead you; it’s in their best interest that you don’t file bankruptcy in Nebraska. If you choose not to file, they’ll lose out on the money they’re expecting to receive from your monthly payments or garnishments. Oh, and don’t be alarmed when they threaten you—they’ll do anything to convince you to pay!

Don’t let the creditors bully you into making payments you can’t afford. Instead, call one of our bankruptcy attorneys and ask them about your situation. It’s very likely that you’ll be able to avoid your creditors completely and our attorneys will help you sort out your debts.

file bankruptcy nebraskaYou Have a Green Light to File Bankruptcy in Nebraska If ...

If you’re suffering from:

You Won't Be Able to Wipe Out Debts Through Bankruptcy If ...

Sadly, bankruptcy won’t take care of every kind of debt that might be haunting you. If you’re suffering from debts involving:

There is nothing wrong with contacting an attorney to assist you with any of the above debts, but bankruptcy may not be an option for you at this time.

Some Exceptions to the Rule

Keep in mind also that if you’re facing vehicle repossession or a foreclosure on your home, you’ll still need to make payments in order to keep the property.

Seek Help ASAP! Contact Our Nebraska Bankruptcy Attorneys Today!

We get it—debts can be terrifying and a heavy burden on you and your family’s lives. There’s no easy way around it. Remember that no matter what kind of debt you have, there’s always a way to seek help and get yourself back on track.

And if you’re drowning in personal or medical debts, don’t let your creditor sap your hope. Call one of our Nebraska bankruptcy attorneys today to sort out your finances so you can be free of your debt.

If you’re searching for experienced Nebraska bankruptcy attorneys—or anyone to ask questions about your debt—we at Steffens Law are more than equipped to help. Contact us online or give us a call today at (308) 872-8327.