I Owe Rent and I’m About to Be Evicted! Can a Bankruptcy Save Me?

October 19, 2022 | By Steffens Law Accident Injury Lawyers
I Owe Rent and I’m About to Be Evicted! Can a Bankruptcy Save Me?

If you’re unable to pay your rent and are facing eviction, you’re probably racking your brain for ways to avoid losing the roof over your head. We understand how stressful this can be, especially if you’re raising kids. The bad news is that a bankruptcy by itself won’t stop your eviction. The good news is that a bankruptcy combined with another action could still save you from being evicted.

How a Bankruptcy in Nebraska COULD Save You From Eviction           

  1. A bankruptcy may give you some extra time to pay your landlord. But, if you don’t act, you’ll still be evicted.

By filing bankruptcy in Nebraska before the eviction hearing, that hearing will be placed on hold.  That said, you will only be given 30 more days to pay all the past-due rent.  The landlord can request permission to move forward with the eviction immediately, so you’ll need to catch up quickly.  If you don’t catch up in full, the eviction will still occur.  If the eviction hearing has already taken place before you file, the eviction won’t be stopped.

2. If you want to continue living where you are currently, you’ll need to pay everything you owe.

    In this case, bankruptcy will help you by eliminating your other debts that might be eating your paycheck. If your wages are getting garnished, bankruptcy will stop that from happening, giving you extra funds to pay the landlord. You can also stop paying your credit cards and any other debts that will be wiped out by bankruptcy. (Remember to keep paying on your car if you don’t want it repossessed.)

    If you’re still struggling to come up with the rest after that, there are rental assistance programs in your county (and through the courts) that may help you. If you can’t find assistance through those programs, asking a family member to cover your remaining debt might be your best remaining option.

    1. If you do get evicted, bankruptcy will eliminate any rent you still owe.

    If you still can’t pay the rent back in full, bankruptcy could still help you by eliminating the debt you owe your landlord. This way, you can be debt free when you move into your new place.

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