Omaha Bankruptcy Fees: Your Different Payment Options

February 17, 2021 | By Steffens Law Accident Injury Lawyers
Omaha Bankruptcy Fees: Your Different Payment Options

Omaha bankruptcy fees payment optionsYou’ve decided that filing bankruptcy is the best option for you, but that decision now leads to another looming question: How can I file bankruptcy if I can’t pay in full right now? There are many options to pay your Omaha bankruptcy fees, depending on your circumstances.

Cut Spending

Prioritize your spending. Stop paying on debt that will be erased in bankruptcy: medical bills, lines of credit, and credit cards. Doing so will free up money, which means you may be able to pay the fees in full sooner than you think.

Obtaining a Loan

Another option is to borrow the necessary fees from a bank, family member, or friend. A bank will want collateral in the form of a vehicle, title, or other personal property. If you decide to go with a private lender, Steffens Law Office can assist you by preparing a note and payment plan.

Once your bankruptcy is on file and the garnishments have stopped, you can pay the lender back. No bankruptcy policeman can stop you from repaying your lender.

Paying Your Bankruptcy Fees With Your Tax Refund

With tax season approaching, consider your anticipated tax refund. File your taxes as soon as possible and then protect your tax refund from garnishment by debt collectors. You can protect your tax refund by using a prepaid debit card from Wal-Mart or H & R Block.

Garnishment Refund

If your wages are being garnished, you might be entitled to a garnishment refund shortly after you file bankruptcy. The refund may be enough to pay your legal fees.

Installment Payments

Do you have to file now? Our Omaha bankruptcy law firm can help you delay your creditors while you make payments on the attorney and filing fees.

As soon as we have received your down payment, you can begin referring creditors to us. We can then protect you from new lawsuits for three to four months. We will also start preparing your paperwork while you make payments on the remaining balance. The fee will probably be paid in full before you know it!

Paying Your Omaha Bankruptcy Fees With Steffens Law Accident Injury Lawyers

At Steffens Law Office, we have a unique program entitled “File Now, and Pay Later.” If you meet the guidelines and have property to offer as collateral, your Omaha bankruptcy can be filed after paying only the bankruptcy fees for filing.

We are dedicated to helping people achieve a fresh financial start. Contact us online now or give us a call today to review which path is right for you.