Pedestrian Accident: I Walked Across the Street and Someone Hit Me, What Do I Do Now?

December 27, 2022 | By Steffens Law Office
Pedestrian Accident: I Walked Across the Street and Someone Hit Me, What Do I Do Now?

female victim of a pedestrian accident in OmahaYou were just going about your daily life, when out of nowhere everything changed. You were involved in a pedestrian accident in Lincoln, NE, meaning you were just minding your business when you were hit by a car.

We are so sorry that this has happened to you and that you are in pain, working through injuries caused by someone else’s inattention to the road. It’s scary and senseless and may feel like you have no way to pay for medical bills and missed work.

So, what should you do after being hit by a car? We're glad you asked!

Pedestrian Accident in Lincoln: 3 Things to Do After Being Hit By a Car

  1. Seek Medical Care. If you haven’t already, your priority is to take care of any medical issues you are having:
  • Go to the doctor and follow their treatment plan. If they recommend x-rays, a MRI, CT, or other tests, have them done. If they recommend you see a physical therapist, make the appointments, and follow through on your treatment plan there as well.
  • It’s vital that you seek all medical treatment that you need, first and foremost, so you can get better. If you put off going to the doctor, they’ll say you didn’t need medical treatment and then they won’t pay for doctor’s visits. Your goal is to get back normal function or as close to it as possible and seeking immediate medical treatment will help with that.
  1. Collect Witness Information. If there were any witnesses to the incident, get their contact information and keep it on hand so that they can be called upon to provide an account of what happened.
  1. Write Down Everything. You also need to have an idea of what bills, missed work, and other expenses look like so that your injury settlement covers your current bills.
  • Keep track of all appointments, the mileage to and from those appointments and any prescriptions that you purchase.
  • Write down all of the days you missed work and keep copies of the doctor’s letter authorizing time off of work.
  • We also recommend keeping a pain diary to record what you are feeling and how frequently. Also, where your injuries are and how they progress and improve.
  • If you have any visible injuries, it’s important to take pictures of those as well, it may seem odd, but like they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Documentation of all your injuries will be helpful in recovering a fair settlement.

The reality is you often feel worse in the days after the accident then the day it happened. Your body responds to the shock and trauma by producing steroids that keep you from feeling much pain. So, while you may have felt “okay” right after the accident, injuries resulting from the accident may be much worse in the days following. Again, whenever you have pain/injuries, it is vital to seek medical treatment and record everything you can about what occurred. All the information will be vital to creating a case that compels the driver’s insurance company to provide you with fair compensation for your injuries.

Search for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Lincoln

After you have started treatment, you may want to research and have a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer. We want you to know that we have successfully represented people in your situation and helped them to receive the compensation they deserve. This is entirely someone else’s fault, and they should pay for your bills and your pain and suffering.

4 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Lincoln Personal Injury Lawyer

  1. Get Fair Compensation. Sometimes people hesitate because they don’t want to sue someone else. However, you should know that you aren’t suing them personally. If they were being particularly reckless, the county attorney may choose to prosecute them to prevent another accident. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer in Lincoln, just means that you are ensuring that the driver’s insurance pays your medical bills and gives you the money you deserve to take care of the bills that resulted from the driver’s negligence.
  2. Stop Being Harassed. Without a lawyer, the driver’s auto insurance will call you constantly. They will pressure you to settle your case and give you the lowest settlement amount possible. It isn’t fair, but the adjustor’s job is to pay as little as possible, so the company makes a profit. You don’t need that headache on top of everything else you are dealing with.
  3. Focus on Your Recovery. Your main job is to focus on getting better right now. You need to rest and follow your medical provider’s advice. We know all too well that it is difficult to do that while trying to figure out how to pay bills and just go about daily life. Let us take over the headache of dealing with the driver’s insurance company.
  4. Lower Your Bills. Did you know that a Lincoln personal injury lawyer can help negotiate your medical bills to a lower rate? You may have medical insurance, but with car accidents, the liable party’s insurance company is supposed to pay before your medical insurance. Paying those bills becomes a whole time-consuming back and forth with the medical insurance, doctor’s office, and the car insurance (who won’t pay until your case is settled). So, do yourself a favor and just send those bills on to your lawyer and let them worry about them. They will get paid once your settlement is finalized.

Contact Steffens Law Office for a Free Injury Consultation

At our office, if we can’t add value to your case, we let you know that it’s better to settle it on your own. If we can help you to get a higher settlement, then we don’t get paid unless you do and you will always make more money than us.  If you have been injured and need representation, call our Lincoln injury attorney at Steffens Law Office today at (308) 872-8327. We will treat you like family and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve!