Fire Your Debt Settlement Company Today

October 30, 2020 | By Steffens Law Accident Injury Lawyers
Fire Your Debt Settlement Company Today

Are you tired of your debt settlement agency giving you the runaround? Have you been paying a debt consolidation company for months or years to settle your debts, with no results? Have you received no protection from debt collector phone calls and are now being sued, or worse, garnished?

The Truth Behind Debt Settlement CompaniesCompanies like Freedom Debt Relief and Credit Associates claim you have a right to settle your debts but they cannot protect you from harassing phone calls, lawsuits or wage garnishments. Even worse, credit card companies don’t have to negotiate with them—the creditor can simply ignore them and collect payment in full from you!

If you’re tired of throwing your money down the drain and paying outrageous fees to a debt settlement company, don’t despair. What you may not know is that you have the right to fire that company and get some of your money back! You don’t have to let debt relief agencies continue to put you at risk of lawsuits and garnishments. Take back control of your financial future.

Fire your debt relief agency today by following these simple steps:

  • Call the company, ask to speak to your account manager/ customer service representative, tell them you need to file bankruptcy and to stop taking your money from their account.
  • Ask them to send you an email confirming that they will stop taking the monthly payments from your bank account
  • Tell them you want a refund of all money left in your account. Ask them how, and when, they will send the refund.
  • Ask for an email address for you to send your requests, in writing. Then, fill in the highlighted information in the parentheses in the following letter and email it to them.

Letter to email to Debt Settlement Company:

To: Debt Settlement Company I, (your name), terminate my debt settlement/consolidation services and terminate my prior authority to make payments from my bank account at (bank name), account ending #(last 4). I also demand a refund of all monies remaining in my account. _______________________ (your name)

Dozens of our clients have fired their debt settlement company and received sizable refunds! Then, they use the refund to file bankruptcy and erase their debt at a fraction of the cost. If you’d like, we’ll call your debt settlement company with you, to ensure they stop draining your bank account.

Steffens Law Office provides you with years of experience in settling debts and helping individuals through bankruptcies. We are dedicated to helping you get a fresh financial start, while protecting you from the harassing phone calls and lawsuits. You don’t need to wait months or years for a resolution. We can help you take control of your financial future, right now.

How Our Nebraska Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help

Filing for bankruptcy is not a get-out-of-jail-free card, but it may be the right solution for you at this time. Find out by consulting with our experienced Nebraska bankruptcy attorneys. We will review your finances and let you know what we think. We don’t charge for this initial consultation and you are under no obligation to us. You have nothing to lose by filling out our form and reaching out to us, but you may finally find a way to get out from under crushing debt. Take that important first step by contacting us today.