What Will My Friends and Family Think If I File for Bankruptcy in Nebraska?

December 16, 2021 | By Steffens Law Office
What Will My Friends and Family Think If I File for Bankruptcy in Nebraska?

what people will think if you file for bankruptcy in NebraskaSadly, we can’t tell you exactly what your friends and family will think. While there are people that make false assumptions about others who file for bankruptcy in Nebraska, it seems that most any decision you make in life will have a few naysayers that disapprove without knowing the facts.

Remember: These false assumptions people might have are not true about you. We understand that life is complicated and situations are diverse. Many good, honest, and hardworking people like yourself have sought our help after facing financial hardships in their lives. Even Abe Lincoln had to file bankruptcy after a business partner left him with unmanageable debt. So, if you have to file for bankruptcy in Nebraska, don't worry about what others may say, do what's in the best interest of you and/or your family.

5 Common Reasons Why People File for Bankruptcy in Nebraska

Here are some of the main reasons people have come to us for help filing bankruptcy in Nebraska:

  1. An overload of bad debt. Sometimes, life happens all at once. Many people have unfathomably burdensome medical debt, credit card debt, and other debts that pile up. Before they know it, their wages are garnished and their lives are in chaos. Eventually they may have to choose between paying their debts or feeding their families.
  2. Unreasonable medical expenses. It’s not your fault if you become sick or injured, yet your insurance will treat you like it is. So many people can’t find ways to get their insurance to pay for their medical needs and become so overwhelmed with medical expenses that only millionaires could afford. This often leads to the need to file for bankruptcy in Nebraska.
  3. Medical emergencies that impact job performance. Something happens—you contract an illness or need to take care of a disability or an injury—and you’re forced to remain out of work for a long time. What happens when you suddenly can’t pay for bills, mortgage, rent, food, or other needs? These debts pile up and people can’t find their way out even after they recover and return to work.
  4. Losing a job. Losing a job can be one of the most stressful experiences in life, especially when there’s no longer any way to pay for even the smallest bills. Running out of options means not being able to pay, and many can only find stability again after they file for bankruptcy in Nebraska.
  5. Fear of losing a home. A mortgage can be difficult to pay, especially if any of the above has affected your life. Bankruptcy helps pave the way for a fresh start.

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There’s nothing irresponsible about needing to file for bankruptcy in Nebraska, and most people do it for respectable, understandable reasons. You don’t fit into a stereotype—you’re a good person who’s simply fallen on tough times. Just like “Honest Abe.” Let our qualified and experienced Nebraska bankruptcy attorneys help you get out of these tough times and give you a fresh start! Call our office today at (308) 872-8327 or contact our firm online so one of our Nebraska bankruptcy attorneys can answer your questions.