Paying Your Medical Bills While You Wait for a Personal Injury Settlement

July 31, 2019 | By Steffens Law Office
Paying Your Medical Bills While You Wait for a Personal Injury Settlement

Nothing seems to upset car accident victims more than discovering the negligent driver’s insurance company won’t pay their medical expenses.

The Typical Scenario

You’re injured in an auto accident. The negligent driver’s insurance company contacts you. They refuse to pay your medical bills until the case settles. You’re hurting and know you need further medical treatment. You’re outraged!

How can big insurance companies get away with this? It’s legal. While they may be liable for your injuries, no law compels them to pay you anything until your case is settled or decided in court.

Options to Pay Your Medical Expenses

payment options for personal injury medical billsDon’t count on changing this policy.  Your energy is better spent pursuing your other available payment options.

  • MedPay.  Your first option is to receive help from your own insurance company. MedPay is insurance money, available under most policies, to pay for your medical bills. It is typically available in amounts of $2,500 to $5,000. If your injuries are minor, you may want to seek MedPay yourself. Call your agent to ask how much is available and how to submit your bills for payment. Don’t worry, this option won’t increase your insurance rates or hurt your future coverage.  You weren’t the negligent party that caused your injuries.
  • Health Insurance.  If your injuries are serious, MedPay will not cover all of your medical expenses. You should then move onto your next option—your health insurance. Again, I realize this idea runs against the grain for most. Just keep in mind that medical treatment to regain your health is the priority here. If your carrier is aware that the negligent driver’s insurance is not paying, there shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Medical Lien. If you’ve struck out, or exhausted the above options, then you should request your medical provider to file a medical lien. That way, the doctor is assured of getting paid from your settlement. They’ll want to know that you’ve hired an experienced law firm who will recover an award in your case in order to pay them.

Avoid a Lapse in Treatment at All Cost

The critical mistake to avoid is a lapse in treatment. In the insurance world, “I didn’t have the money to treat” is not an excuse. For your health and for your claim, find a way to treat medically until your doctor releases you.

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