Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Kearney, Nebraska

Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Kearney, Nebraska

Steffens Law Office, P.C. is a Nebraska Bankruptcy Law Firm specializing in helping consumers obtain relief from overwhelming debt and financial stress through the United State Bankruptcy Code. Please give us a call at 308-872-8327 to schedule a free bankruptcy consultation.

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Kearney Nebraska Bankruptcy Information:

Will Bankruptcy Stop Garnishments?

"Although a garnishment will cease when you file for bankruptcy in Nebraska, it does not automatically eliminate the debt.  Once the debt has been discharged by the bankruptcy court, it will eliminate your creditor’s right to garnish your wages for that debt.  Some debts are not discharged though, such as child support, student loan debt, and some taxes..." - Learn More About Nebraska Wage Garnishments

Tips for Defending Yourself from Abusive Creditors

"Creditors use collection agencies to collect their debts.  These agencies are prohibited by the FDCPA from harassing or threatening you.  They are bound by the FDCPA to act in an appropriate manner and not contact you in an improper manner.  You are protected from their abusive tactics..." - Protect Yourself Against Abusive Creditors