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Our Nebraska personal injury attorneys can handle personal injury claims related to car accidents, drunk driving accidents, dog bites, and pedestrian or bicycle accidents as well as premises liability claims for injuries that occur on another's property, such as slip and falls, elevator injuries and accidents at hotels or restaurants.

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"When I first went to the Steffens Law Office, I was very frustrated. The Insurance Co. had told me that my case was closed, and they were not going to do anything else. Bill and his staff got me on the right track. They helped me find good doctors to treat me, and convinced the Ins. Co. to pay my medical expenses. I never thought I would get nearly as much money as I did for my settlement." Christina – Beaver City, NE

Lexington, NE Personal Injury Blog

"Many people wonder if and when it is necessary to hire a personal injury attorney.  Where an injury is very obvious, such as a broken limb suffered in a care accident, it simply makes sense to hire an attorney in order to safeguard your rights.  It becomes less clear-cut when injuries may be due to defective consumer goods or a slip and fall, or where the injuries are not as readily apparent..."

Meet Lexington, NE Personal Injury Attorney Bill Steffens

Nebraska personal injury attorney William V. Steffens, originally from Kearney, NE, is the senior attorney at Steffens Law Office. He has specialized in injury law for the last 15 years of his 27-year practice. Assisting many very satisfied clients throughout Nebraska and south central South Dakota in both workers' compensation and personal injury cases.