Crash Course: 7 Strategies for a Successful MVA Injury Claim in Nebraska

If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, one thing you need to know is that there are unwritten rules about what makes a personal injury claim successful and what does not. Big insurance companies have a lot of money and other resources that can give people the runaround for a very long time, most likely during a time when they are dealing with issues such as recovering from injuries and lost wages.

Nebraska attorney William “Bill” Steffens has specialized in injury law for the last 17 years of his 29-year practice. He has witnessed firsthand how injury victims can be victimized again by insurance companies that only want to delay paying injured parties the compensation they deserve if they pay anything at all.

In 7 Strategies for a Successful Nebraska Motor Vehicle Injury Claim, Steffens explains the seven most common problems injury victims confront and what is needed to overcome these obstacles to reach full and fair compensation. 

Each Strategy Broken Down One by One

Don't have time to watch the whole video? Check out the individual chapters below that go into detail about each step.

  • Strategy # 1 – Seek Medical Treatment Immediately [Watch Now]
  • Strategy # 2 – Memorialize Your Accident [Watch Now]
  • Strategy # 3 – How to Cover Medical Expenses After an Accident [Watch Now]
  • Strategy # 4 - How to Receive Money to Repair or Replace Your Wrecked Vehicle [Watch Now]
  • Strategy # 5 - How to Deal With the Other Guy's Insurance Company [Watch Now]
  • Strategy # 6 - How to Decide if You Need a Lawyer to Settle Your Case [Watch Now]
  • Strategy # 7 - How to Determine What Your Case Is Worth [Watch Now]

“No matter how many hundreds of cases I review in my career, no two cases will ever be exactly the same,” writes Steffens. And while each injury case carries its own set of challenges and solutions, the information Steffens offers in this FREE book is a good starting point for anyone who has been hurt in an accident.