Judge's hold hammer on wooden tableSimply stated, “no.” As a matter of fact, injury claims seldom go to court. In Nebraska, probably less than 5% of all injury claims are decided by a courtroom trial. 

Why You Still Need a Lawyer

Don’t let the stress and anxiety of a possible court proceeding keep you from reviewing your claim with a lawyer. Just because you hire legal counsel doesn’t mean you’ll be going to court. Quite the opposite, really. 

An experienced personal injury lawyer will collect the evidence needed to prove your claim to the other guy’s insurance representative. Typically, resolving your claim only involves interaction with insurance companies. The insurance companies will have their own attorneys to advise them. Knowledgeable attorneys, on both sides, are then going to know the reasonable value of your claim. If your attorney knows how to collect the right evidence, your claim should settle in the high end of the spectrum. 

The Benefits of Settling Your Case

Why don’t more injury claims go to trial? Because the stakes are usually too high, on both sides, to leave the decision in the hands of a jury. These 6 to 12 strangers will be unpredictable. The case could go one way, or the other, because they don’t like someone’s looks or something they said.

Like most people, juries are fickle. They could award you $0 or give you very little. So, both sides of the case usually find some middle ground to settle.

Your Claim Is Under Your Control

Most importantly, your injury claim is under your control. If you don’t want to go to court, tell your attorney right away. It won’t prevent your attorney from aggressively representing you, but it will help your attorney know where to draw the line in negotiations.

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