Five “red flag” areas of your life that can signal the need for a bankruptcy:

1.     DEBTS

  • Do your total debts (other than your home and/or your car loans) exceed 50% of your annual income?
  • Are you at least 30 days behind on some of your bills?
  • Have you stopped paying on a credit card and/or a medical bill?
  • Have you received collection notice letter(s) or call(s) in the last 30 days?
  • Has a family member or close friend (or maybe your banker) suggested that you consider filing bankruptcy?


  • Do you currently have a serious health problem (heart disease, cancer, ulcers, hypertension, etc.) for which you are currently receiving medical treatment?
  • Does thinking about your bills cause you stomach problems, chest pains, or serious headaches?
  • Does thinking about your bills make it difficult to sleep?
  • Do you have stressful feelings about your debt when you go to bed and when you wake up?


  • Do you find yourself having thoughts of despair or hopelessness about your debt situation?
  • Have you recently wept, on more than one occasion, about your debt situation?
  • Have your eating habits changed recently (increased or decreased) because of your debt situation?
  • Have you recently felt less outgoing and more reclusive because of your debt situation?


  • Do you tend to be angry or blaming with your spouse regarding your debt situation?
  • Do you feel that you are struggling to keep your marriage together partly because of your debt situation?
  • Have you lost passion or interest in your relationship(s) because of your debt situation?

5.     WORK

  • Do you have trouble concentrating, or feel constantly distracted, at work because of your debt situation?
  • Do collection companies call your work place and ask to speak with you?
  • Do you find yourself working more, and enjoying it less, because you don't want to deal with your debt situation?

If you've answered "yes" to three or more of these questions, you're a potential candidate for a bankruptcy.

If  “the shoe fits”, call us now at (308) 872-8327 to discuss a plan.  We will help you formulate the steps needed to meet your goal of a fresh financial start.  Stop constantly worrying and stressing about unpaid bills!

William V. Steffens
Nebraska Personal Injury & Bankruptcy Attorney With 34+ Years Of Experience
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