Lincoln motorcycle accident lawyerNebraska offers some prime motorcycle riding.  Whether it’s cruising the Loess Hills or enjoying Halsey’s endless wilderness trails, our great state is a two-wheeled paradise.  But when another person causes an accident and you become injured on a bike, our experienced Lincoln motorcycle accident lawyer at Steffens Law Offices can help you obtain the highest possible compensation to get you back on the road.

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Lincoln

1) Negligence

Most motorcycle accidents in Lincoln happen due to another person’s negligence.  Drivers turning left in front of you, side swiping you, or suddenly braking can frequently cause accidents that result in injuries to motorcyclists.

If you have been seriously injured because of another person’s negligence, our motorcycle injury lawyer in Lincoln, NE, will have your back every step of the way.

2) Collecting Evidence

Evidence can mean the difference between a great case and no case.  Our attorneys will not rest until we understand everything about how your accident happened and impacted your life, why it happened, and who should pay.

Responsible parties may include another driver, the motorcycle manufacturer, or the entity responsible for the quality of the roadway.  The attorneys at Steffens Law Offices have obtained significant compensation from all of the above in Lincoln and greater Nebraska.

3) Best Medical Care

As with motorcycles, no two doctors are identical.  Your injuries may call for a specialist’s care that’s unique to the area.  Even common motorcycle accident injuries like spinal cord injury or head trauma may require medical treatment that is not readily available.  If surgery or significant rehabilitation is required, Steffens Law Office understands these complicated procedures and can ensure you obtain them to aid your recovery, whether in Lincoln or elsewhere in Nebraska.

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4) Lower Medical Costs

Many motorcycle accident survivors learn the hard way that necessary medical care often costs tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. MRI, PET, or CT scans can be extremely expensive, and these merely assist a medical doctor in evaluating the nature and extent of your injuries.  A good motorcycle accident lawyer in Lincoln, NE, can negotiate a reduction of your medical bills directly with the provider, so that you pay the absolute lowest amount possible for the care you need to recover.    

5) An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Get You Higher Compensation

No one should have to live with the trauma or life-impairing injuries which can result from a serious motorcycle accident.  But if you find yourself in this position, Steffens Law Office lawyers in Lincoln make it our business to ensure you receive the best compensation possible.  Our life’s passion is fighting anyone and everyone who might stand in the way of our clients’ total and complete recovery.  From defense lawyers to insurance companies, we know how to use the law and facts of your situation to advocate for the highest settlement in the shortest time possible.      

6) Trial When Necessary

Usually, our clients obtain compensation through settlement without litigation.  But in the rare situation where the insurance company or other responsible party won’t listen to reason, the lawyers at Steffens Law Offices know the courtrooms in Lincoln inside and out.  We can plan and execute a litigation strategy which favors decisive victory.    

When Should You Call a Lincoln Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If you have been injured riding on your motorcycle, call the attorneys at Steffens Law Offices in Lincoln as soon as possible.  The earlier we start working on the case, the better.  Here are a few points to consider why hiring a good motorcycle attorney as fast as possible is crucial:

  • Obtain medical care as soon as possible after your accident to prevent the “delay in treatment” excuse.  Knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorneys like those at Steffens Law Offices understand that the responsible party’s insurance company will try to argue that delays in receiving medical treatment show “you weren’t hurt that bad” or “you weren’t injured enough to get treatment.” Hiring us early on enables coordination of your treatment quickly and prevents these types of arguments from the insurance company.
  • Evidence disappears.  Tire marks, witness recollection, accident debris on the roadway, and digital video recordings are just some of the types of evidence we at Steffens Law Office can collect and utilize if contacted early enough in your case.  By waiting to contact an attorney, you run the risk that these types of evidence will not be available when you need them most.
  • The statute of limitations runs from the time of the accident.  If litigation or trial becomes necessary, courts routinely impose a deadline on taking the responsible party to court.  The faster you contact us, the sooner we can begin providing you with excellent legal representation to ensure your rights are preserved.
  • The insurance company will start attacking your case shortly after the accident.  You may get a call from an insurance representative who asks to record your statement.  This is never a good idea, because insurance companies will seek to avoid liability for your injuries and damages if you don’t have good lawyer to protect you from making damaging or misleading statements.

What Kinds of Compensation Are Available in a Motorcycle Injury Settlement?

  • Repair costs – Generally, the costs to repair or replace your motorcycle and your gear are recoverable and should be incorporated into any settlement you accept for your motorcycle accident.
  • Medical reimbursement – Your medical care, including emergency transportation, imaging and x-rays, surgeries, and rehabilitation therapy are generally recoverable.
  • Lost income – Many accident victims can no longer perform essential work duties or may be limited in what they can perform during their rehab.  These types of losses are often recoverable.
  • Lost future income from the inability to work – Your expected losses of future income resulting from your accident and injuries is recoverable under your settlement.
  • Disability – If you can’t do the activities you used to do, that may be calculated into an award of compensation.
  • Pain and Suffering – whether physical, mental or both, resulting from a motorcycle accident can mean suffering from mental stress or chronic pain, and these can be recoverable.
  • Disfigurement/death – the death or disfigurement of a loved one is unthinkable, but these damages warrant inclusion when you have lost the love, emotional support and earnings which stem from their death.

What to Look for in an Experienced Bike Accident Lawyer

When you or someone you love has been injured or worse on a motorcycle and the accident is another person’s fault, feeling helpless is natural, but you are not alone.  Steffens Law Offices in Lincoln employs attorneys who actually ride motorcycles.

We are passionate about helping other riders recover completely through obtaining compensation from negligent actors.  We’ve been cut-off, brake-checked, and side-swiped too, and we know how it feels to go down.

Any internet lawyer can have a motorcycle page or post an ad on Google, but do they really understand motorcycles and the injuries their riders may suffer?  Here at Steffens Law Offices, we’re proud to help clients through some of the most difficult times of their lives.

Steffens Law Office’s motorcycle injury attorneys have the five-star reviews from satisfied motorcycle clients to prove our passion, and the experience to help you too.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Attorney?

The Lincoln motorcycle accident attorney you hire should never charge you anything out of pocket or up front.  Good lawyers have the resources and ethics to take your case on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if you do.

All the attorney’s time, resources and effort cost nothing if you don’t receive just compensation.  We know you have been through a lot and our client agreement demonstrates that our interests are aligned with yours: we’ll never make a penny unless you do, and we’ll never make more than you do.  Guaranteed.  If other motorcycle crash attorneys can’t make the same promise, then you are talking to the wrong ones.

What is My Motorcycle Injury Case Worth?

If you're involved in a crash due to another person's negligence, people's minds often start thinking about how much their injury case is worth. The truth is, every injury case is different. However, there are some things you should know. The video below explains what goes into determining the cost of your accident claim:

How to Hire the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Lincoln

Good motorcycle accident lawyers should be easy to reach, and easy to talk to.  We at Steffens Law Offices in Lincoln are available to you by phone, email, text or in person.  We are ready to answer any questions you may have and happy to provide you with guidance and good information, whether you hire us or not.  Our first questions will always be “How are you doing, today?” and “How may we serve you?”

A good injury law firm should offer a client agreement that is easy to understand and written in plain language.  It should clearly outline the duties of the lawyer and the client, and there should be no hidden costs or questions about fees.  If there are, look elsewhere.

Contact Steffens Law Bike Accident Attorney for a Free Injury Consultation

At Steffens Law Offices, we love what we do because we get to help people like you.  Call our Lincoln motorcycle accident lawyer today at (308) 872-8327 and find out what we can do for you.  While no case is simple and we can’t make a prediction about the outcome of your case, we can promise we’ll do whatever we can to achieve results that will exceed your expectations.

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