341 Hearing Prep: Preparing for Your Bankruptcy Hearing

Making sure you are ready for your bankruptcy hearing is of the utmost importance. Watch this video above and follow the steps laid out below by our Nebraska bankruptcy attorneys to ensure a smooth 341 meeting. And, make sure to take note of all the questions you'll be asked during the hearing so you can best prepare yourself.

Step 1: Get on the phone two to three minutes ahead of your hearing to ensure that you are situated in case you are the first hearing called.

Step 2: Call from a quiet place, keep your phone on mute until it's your hearing begins, and don’t use speakerphone.

Step 3: Promise to tell the truth when you are sworn in.

Step 4: Remain calm. There is no judge on the call, just a supervisor known as the trustee.

Step 5: Answer 'yes' or 'no' when possible. Don’t volunteer any other information unless it’s asked for. Keep your answers short, sweet and to the point.