If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Omaha, chances are that you’re struggling with paying all of the sudden medical expenses that come with it. Thankfully, there’s something called “Med-Pay” that’s designed to help you cover these expenses and ease your financial burdens while you’re recovering.

Let our experienced Omaha car accident lawyer walk you through some important details about Med-Pay and how you can use it:

Med-Pay for medical expenses after an Omaha car accidentWhat is Med-Pay?

Regardless of whose fault it was, your auto insurance coverage probably includes medical payments to cover your medical expenses until your case is settled or resolved. Your auto insurance policy should describe more details about your Med-Pay.

Why is Med-Pay Important?

There are several reasons why using Med-Pay to pay your medical expenses after a car accident in Nebraska is important. Below, we dive into 4 reasons why our experienced Omaha car accident lawyer says you should explore using Med-Pay.

It Helps You Pay Your Medical Expenses on Time

  • It’s a common misconception that the negligent driver’s insurance company will pay your medical bills. This is technically true, but the other insurance company won’t pay anything until after the case is settled or is resolved in court. That could be months to years from now.

According to Our Omaha Car Accident Lawyer, It Protects Your Credit

  • It takes hard work to build good credit, and you deserve to keep it.
  • When your credit score drops, you may have a harder time obtaining a loan, getting a good interest rate on loans, and finding fair rent or mortgage agreements.
  • Med-Pay will help you make timely payments so your credit score won’t drop.

It Protects You From Creditor Harrassment

  • If you miss medical payments, those unpaid debts will be sent to collection agencies.
  • Med-Pay keeps your bills up-to-date and will prevent creditors from coming after you.

It Will Save You Money on Your Medical Bills

  • This is where an experienced Omaha car accident lawyer comes in. Your attorney will get a discount for collecting money for your auto insurance company’s Med-Pay (usually 1/3). This discount is passed on to you!
  • In some cases, your Med-Pay will be waived altogether (when you’re paid the policy limits of the other driver’s auto insurance).

How Should You Use it to Pay for Your Medical Expenses?

First, find out how much is available to you.

  • Call your insurance agent or check online.
  • Typically, the amount available will be between $5,000 and $25,000.

Submit your medical bills to your insurance agent. (Or have your attorney do it!)

  • Your Med-Pay will then cover up to the amount provided by the insurance company.

If you have a large emergency room bill, request your attorney’s help to try and personally retrieve all the Med-Pay for yourself.

  • You can use this to pay for living expenses.

After you exhaust your Med-Pay:

  • Have your Omaha car accident lawyer request an “exhaust letter.”
  • Have that exhaust letter sent to your health insurance company.
  • Use your health insurance to pay the rest of your medical bills.

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If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important to act immediately so that you’re not struck with a financial injury along with a physical one. Our experienced car accident lawyers at Steffens Law care about your wellbeing, and want to ensure your medical bills are paid on time and your credit rating remains untouched. We want to make sure you receive the amount you deserve when it’s time to collect your settlement!

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